About Me

I love helping others succeed, and I want to continue to elevate the homeownership experience for our buyers and sellers. Success is measured differently by each person, and I want to help you achieve your version of success, whatever that is.


As a lifelong Lee's Summit resident, my roots run deep in this community. A graduate of Lee's Summit High School, I later married my high school sweetheart, Stacy, and we have three beautiful children together. I started my career with ReeceNichols in 2009. It was important to me to build a career that would help support the life I wanted to live, and one that would allow me to be present when at home.

As an agent, I was able to build a business that supported my life goals, and as a leader now, I continue to make this a priority.  I love helping others build the career that helps support their life goals, and to build sustainable businesses that will stand the test of time. 

I believe we have a responsibility to make the communities we live and work in better, and I'm proud to work with so many people who share this mission. We operate with a daily plan to reward the lives of others, from clients to colleagues to other businesses to philanthropic efforts, the vision is larger than a transaction.  

Come be a part of something bigger.  Build the life you are proud to lead.

Chad on Couch

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