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Hear from our agents:

I made the decision to switch from a big local company to THE big local company, almost 4 years ago.  All that has happened to my life since is EXPONENTIAL business success & personal growth.  Chad is a close personal friend now, and a ride or die advocate for myself.  After switching companies, I continue to be amazed by the support from fellow agents and the CORPORATE backing when being faced with some unforeseen crazy situations.  Joining ReeceNichols changed my business, and my life for the better, hands down! 

Brian Wehner

When I joined this office after being with a competitor, my biggest "aha" moment was noticing the camaraderie shared. The agents genuinely like each other and want to spend time with one another. Not only that, they wanted me to exceed along with everyone else. Ongoing training is offered, which I feel helps keep my skills sharp. My brokers bring their unique personalities and encourage us to set business goals, overcome challenges and think outside the box. They also encourage open communication in the office meetings at all levels and are open to brainstorming ideas on how to handle difficult situations. I feel like I have grown my skills and knowledge and it has shown in my production.

Elizabeth Knipp

Before I joined ReeceNichols – Lee’s Summit, I attended a sales meeting to scope the place. I loved the energy and the camaraderie of the meeting. I loved how uplifting and positive the meeting was. I quickly realized this was the place for me because ReeceNichols is a company that is continuously growing and learning to be better just like I am. We have over 2,000 agents at ReeceNichols, however, it feels like a young company where everybody appreciates and respects each other. If you want to belong to the greatest and most recognized company in Kansas City, look no further. ReeceNichols is the place for you.

Jessica Sarasch

Be part of something special.

There is no shortage of real estate brokerages to join if you are considering a career in real estate, or if you're thinking of making a move. However, not all brokerages are created equal. I take great pride in the results we've achieved as a team, and would love to talk to you about what makes us different. We believe in collaboration, healthy competition, and we work hard to establish personalized business plans to help our agents reach their goals. Our office culture is unmatched, and we continue to elevate the homeownership experience for our clients. We are dedicated to  providing the latest tools and education to help empower agents and clients.

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